Miller's Tree Service, Logan Utah

Chainsaw and log

At Miller Tree Service, we take pride in helping each person to understand the extent of any problem on site and discuss the most appropriate service such as trimming and pruning, trees trimming, hedge trimming any trees service. We also provide service to a wide area from Pocatello, Idaho to Ogden, Utah and everywhere in between.

We offer free estimates to each customer and like to talk with them to ensure that all issues and services are performed to the customer’s satisfaction. Our standard is to get in contact with each request within 24 hours of initial contact; whether you get a hold of us by phone call or email.

So get in touch with us day or night to let us help you with a variety of services around your home or business.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Our 24 hour emergency service gives you the reassurance that we will be available whenever there is an issue. With wind storms and snow pack, we understand that there are unexpected problems that will arise at usually the most inappropriate hour. We don’t mind! Give us a call and we can get your life cleaned up and on its way to getting back to normal.


Large & Difficult Removals

We specialize in removing large trees and trees in difficult locations. We utilize a crane on a majority of the projects to remove all doubt in regards to the falling area.

Trimming & Pruning

We can help maintain your yard to look the best all year round. Your trees will look healthier and grow properly when they are pruned correctly.

Stump Grinding

Remove those pesky stumps from previously cut down trees. Removing these stumps improves the look of a landscape immensely and provides more opportunities for design.

Hedge Trimming

We can help remove dead limbs on shrubs as well. Our service can create uniform looking plants that can sprout healthy, new growth.

Firewood/Wood Chip Sales

We utilize all areas of the cut trees to make firewood and wood chips for purchase. Come check out our selection of both types to restock your yard. We can do this to your own wood.

Lot/Yard Clean Up

Your yard can be debris free with our thorough clean up services. This service allows us to safely and effectively remove unwanted trees, shrubs, and other debris for building or remodeling a house or yard.

We're licensed
24 hour emergency services
We provide free estimates